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SPLASH ART christmas MARKET 2018 @ Neon Milkshake art studio

7640 Fairmount Dr. SE Calgary AB

Sat Nov 24-Sun Dec 16 (weekends)

Sat Nov 24- Sun Nov 25 (9:30-3:30)

Sat Dec 1-Sun Dec 2 (9:30-3:30)

Sat Dec 8-Sun Dec 9 (9:30-3:30)

Sat Dec 15- Dec 16 (9:30-3:30)


Free parking, free admission.

Meet the artists every Saturday between 11-2pm. snacks and hot chocolate.

Beautiful and original art created by local talent. There are different artists and creations each weekend.

Caution: Christmas music will likely be playing ;)


403.200.5760 neonmilkshake.me@gmail.com

Hope to see you soon!


CAll for SUbmission- ARTist information only

Nov 24,25 -full

Dec 1,2 -one spot left

Dec 15,16 -full

dec 15,16 -2 spots left

Participant FEE (paid only if accepted)

2 options:

$99 (+gst) per weekend

Min. 4’x6’ space (wall and/or table)

*Neon Milkshake takes 20% of cumulative sales

Need extra wall-space and/or table-space?

$125 (+gst) per weekend

8’x10’ space (wall and/or table space)

*Neon Milkshake takes 20% of cumulative sales. Artists can replenish work that has sold as long as extra work is stored off-site



Artists attendance during Splash Art Market is not mandatory both days all day, however, is mandatory on Saturday from 11-2pm when we host the ‘meet and greet’ and a 2 hour shift minimum either day.

Stay all day both days if you like.. mingle, get to know other artists, or demo art on site.

Artist are responsible for setting up their own station/wall space on Friday and take down on Sunday right after the show ends.

Artists who have participated in past Splash Art Market(s) are automatically accepted into the Splash show, however MUST submit the required Splash info: new photos, brushed up bio..etc. There is a minimum of 50% that needs to be new works.


Danielle Bartlette, event organizer / Studio Owner

Email submissions requirements:

  • 4-5 images of your work intended for sale (in jpeg format) with size, title, and medium (acrylic, glass, metal. etc) to neonmilkshake.me@gmail.com.

  • short bio and artist statement (approx. paragraph or two)

  • your phone number (for admin use only)

  • Image of yourself (optional: artists are featured on website)

  • website address (if you have it)

  • Which weekend(s) you are hoping to apply for. Participants can apply for all weekends, additional fees will apply.

  • Would you prefer wall-space, table space or both (flexible)

If a submission is successful, a contract and inventory sheet will be issued to applicant. If you are an artist that has an inventory system for multiple items like jewellery , greeting cards etc. please let us know.


Set Up/Drop off/Pick up:

Wall-space, Easels, and tables will be provided by Neon Milkshake.

Each artist will be given an option of wall-space only, table-space only, or 50/50. Approx amount of space given to artist is 4’x5’

. Additional plinths, shelving units and such can be brought in by artists but must be discussed first, as there is a theme (white & wood).

Splash Art set-up is at Neon Milkshake Art Studio on the day before the show during the day before on Friday during the day, early evening) and art pick-up is to be picked up at the end day, Sunday at 3:30pm.  Artists are expected to hang, display their own work during set-up and take down. Canvases / mounted wall pieces MUST have secure backing, wire, or hooks.


How can someone buy art? Art can be purchased by debit, cash or credit card at the Splash Art Market cashier.

Who collects monies for work sold? Neon Milkshake will have a cashier for payment of sold items. Artwork sold will be given to artist's minus 20% commission after the month-long sale has finished within 30 days.

Is there advertising?

Yes! Splash Art participants will be responsible for distributing a small stack of invites to show & sale. Please invite your family and friends!! Also, a total of 10,000 invites will be printed for mailbox distribution. There will also be paid/free social media, newsletters, and word of mouth.

How many artists are involved in Splash Art Market?

15-20 artists each weekend.

Art tags:

(with our Splash Art logo) will be provided to all artists for their artwork, please bring a black pen to fill out the information. Pick up art tags beforehand saves artists time on the day of set up. Tags will include title, artist's name, dimensions, medium, and price. Again, if you are a jewellery artist or card-maker for instance, stickers on bulk items are acceptable as long as I know which product is which on the inventory sheet(s).


Artists will be asked to bring in one food item on Saturday, for our artist meet and greet.

What kind of art is accepted for submission? Previous Splash Art Market participants have showcased paintings, drawings, jewelry, sculpture, handmade greeting cards, photography, mixed media, fibre art. Show us what you have! There is a mixture of new and established art-makers in the show.

Is it possible for an artist to apply for all weekends? Yes