Nada Khatib

Dec 15,16

Nada is a self-taught artist who has been painting for over 10 years. She was born and raised in Toronto, graduated from McMaster University, and worked in the corporate sector for over 5 years. Recently, Nada decided to move to Calgary and pursue art full-time.

Nada pulls her inspiration from mother nature, her travels around the world and the beautiful people she has met along the way. She especially enjoys painting colorful, vivid and textured contemporary paintings. Nada is working on building her own company, Expression By Nada, to spread her love of visual art.

Her goal is to create and use art as a tool to communicate and express thoughts, ideas, memories, dreams and emotions. β€œArt is one of the most important universal languages that can be understood, and more importantly felt by any human.”

Inquiries: 403 966 8682

instagram @expressionbynada