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Karen Riley

Nov 24,25 / Dec 1,2

Bio—I am a late blooming artist.  I have taken art workshops, however most of my education has been through Youtube University. I have been a nurse for 35+ years.

Artist statement—“Art is music for the soul”  This is not my quote, but is resounds with me.  I am a mixed media visual artist.  My soul is fed by enjoying the beauty of nature and portraying it, or the idea of it, into my work.  My favorite medium is ….everything….. but I am particularly drawn to mediums where I can incorporate some textural elements, bright colors (especially alcohol ink) and mixed media.  I get a special kick out of using a torch or power tools. 


My art feeds my soul while I am creating it and my hope is that it will resonate with someone and feed them as well.

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