Emilia I. Saint

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Who am I?  A somewhat new and somewhat old artist who loves to try different approaches to art and is interested in exploring and learning.

I was born in Argentina and I have always been drawn to artistic expressions and I am fascinated by colors and textures. I have worked with water colours, oils, inks and acrylics. I have also been involved in jewellery design, silk painting and card making.

In 2011 I started attending art classes and have taken lessons from a few different instructors since then. Spending time at the studio is one of my very favourite weekly activities.

I am honoured to have been chosen to do commission work because I love listening to people and creating something specifically for them.

 Why do I love art?  My love for nature and the amazing array of colors that surround me has thrilled me for as long as I can remember. I am making the time to attend classes, learn as much as I can and paint for the sheer joy of it!