Danielle Bartlette

Nov 24,25 / Dec 1,2 / Dec 8,9 / Dec 15,16

Danielle Bartlette is the proud owner of Neon Milkshake Art Studio.

'AS IS: acrylic skins series'.  mixed media, second-hand frames. various sizes. 2018

I have created the 'AS IS: acrylic skins' series with the help of numerous people. All art-makers who have worked in Neon Milkshake Art Studio over the last couple years have likely contributed to this project, inadvertently.  How? By working on the art tables and leaving their colours, brush strokes etc left on the tables.

'Skins' were created by pouring medium on these tables and once dry, lifting off all the creative marks that were left on the tables. Such a beauty in the randomness, an energy from the art-makers, and happy surprises in terms of colours and designs.

Once dry, I then cut out the 'skins' from the poured surface, and matched them with second-had frames that 'spoke to me'. The composition is dictated by the looks and style of one of these hundred small frames I'd purchased from thrift stores over the last year, and vice versa.

Thank you everyone!

Danielle attended Fine Arts (Honours) at the University of Manitoba, School of Art program and has been teaching art since 2007.