Carrie Schurig

Dec 8,9 & Dec 15,16

Artist Statement

Two things have driven my art making in the last few years; a rediscovered gift given to me by an elderly neighbor when I was sixteen years old, and the need for my personal well being to stay in the moment.  The gift was a scrapbook, circa 1920, that belonged originally to a sign painter in Toronto, Ontario. Respite with images, fonts, sketches and advertisements this scrapbook has gifted me inspiration and ephemera to use and reinterpret in my mixed media paintings. Rediscovering this treasure allowed for this book not only to exist as a reference tool, but as a new narrative in my paintings that give a nod to past. The need to personally stay in the moment came from periods of my life that forced me to not worry about the past or the future, but only to take refuge in the present moment and in what I could really respond to or in some ways control.  This letting go is the drive with my abstract paintings where I play, I respond and tap into my power of now. 

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