'Eyes Wide Shut' Danielle Bartlette, oil, 30'' x 30'' 1024x1018.jpg
Art Workshops

2-Day Abstract Oil Painting Workshop w. Danielle Bartlette Friday, Nov 16 & Saturday, Nov 17. 10-3:30pm


2-day abstract oils workshops. Supplies are not included.

Gain insight as to how Danielle Bartlette creates her own oil-paint artwork and learn how to develop these techniques into a style of your own.  ‘Grindlay Street’,Eyes Wide Shut’, ‘Sixty’, and ‘Sandalwood’ are the paintings that have inspired this workshop - a blend of soft and hard line, architecturally inspired.

Day one will consist of a couple small painting exercises and commencement of individual projects. What colours to choose, how to create the ‘mood’ of the pieces, which products to use and how to use them? Brushes, mediums, and paint knowledge.

Day two will focus on fine-tuning: layer or leave. be spontaneous or tight.  You will learn to loosen up and paint with a confident application, how to trust your instincts, and how to play.

Don't miss out on this.

No refund for missed classes. Please see our policies in ‘additional info’, supply list below.


Oil Paint Tubes (professional quality preferred) approx 37ml:

Titanium white (larger tube)
Burnt umber
Ivory black

Cadmium Red (hues ok)

Cadmium Yellow

Cerulean Blue

Prussian or Indigo Blue/Payne’s Grey (optional)

Burnt Umber

Sap green 

Disposable Palette Mixing Pad (11x14'' preferred) OR mixing palette from home OR Sta-wet Palette

Canvases: approx 3-4 medium (30’’x30’’) or two large (48’’x48’’)

3 large Goat Hair Mop Brushes

1 inch Flat Wash Brush

2 metal painting knives (medium/larger pie-lifter shape and one of triangular, or diamond-shaped)

Masterson's Hand Soap Bar (large)

Walnut Alkyd Medium (approx 237ml)

Roll of paper towel AND roll of blue shop paper towel (can get at Hardware Store)

small jar (like baby food jar)

4 cheap canvas boards approx 11x14'' (practice boards from dollarama are fine)

*optional: I have some at studio Gold powder (or silver, bronze)

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'Eyes Wide Shut' Danielle Bartlette, oil, 30'' x 30'' 1024x1018.jpg

Additional Info



Calgary-based artist, Danielle Bartlette, is a Canadian painter whose work focuses primarily on personal memories. Her canvases include compositional elements and text which are derived from environments and fragments of culture, personal stories and architecture, photography, and nature.

Danielle teaches engaging courses, helping students establish creative processes and tap into fluid and intuitive mark-making while incorporating and using traditional painting and mixed media methods.


No refund for missed classes but there is flexibility with make-up classes provided they are made up in another time slot while registered for class.
Missed classes may also be gifted to a friend.
Once the 4 weeks of classes are used up and the participant chooses to do another month of classes, then participants are asked to give a full month's notice to exit class. (This really helps balance a small business, thanks!)

If a class is cancelled by Danielle Bartlette due to illness/family emergencies, credit will be given for future classes or a replacement teacher will facilitate the class in her place.