DATE REVISED Friday, September 21 Poured Painting - Cell Magic Acrylic Workshop with Kate Maj 10am-3pm


5 hours

Most supplies not included. see list in Additional Information

age 16+ . beginners welcome

Poured Painting - Cell Magic"

Cells are the circular designs caught within the right concoction of a specific pouring technique. 

In this one-day workshop you will learn how to mix acrylic paint to use in fluid painting, also called pouring.  There are 4 different fluid painting techniques to learn: dirty pour, flip cup, swiping and dipping.  Sounds kind of like a party game, doesn’t it? 

Create your own unique wall art using wooden words for amazing pours great for gifts or home decor. Wooden photo frames? Yes you can use those too. Wall art? bring canvas or wooden surfaces.

Certain key supplies are provided on the day of the workshop and are incorporated in the workshop fees as they are difficult to find including floetrol and such.

No refund for missed class. In event of a waiting list, we can make arrangements  :)


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Supplies Needed:

Liquitex Pouring Medium - 500ml min.

Golden GAC 800 - 8 fl. oz./ 237 ml. bottle

Americana Acrylic Paint by DecoArt - 3 or 4 colors in palette of your choosing

select some colors that are opaque and some that are semi-transparent. 

Some suggested palettes:

-         Cranberry Wine, Yellow Gold (metallic), Amethyst (metallic), Peacock Teal;

-         Primary colors like Primary Blue, True Red, Lemon Yellow;

-         Berry (metallic), Sky Blue (Multi-surface satin), Ice Blue (metallic)       

For the Adventurous souls:

o   Buttermilk, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Peacock Teal, Indian Turquoise, or

o   Lamp (Ebony) Black, True Red, Primary Yellow, Ultra Blue Deep, Cranberry Wine, Dioxazine Purple, Lavender, Cool White, Indian Turquoise

Approx 4 cradled wood artist panels or canvases-12”X12” max each.  at least 1/2” in width.

Please note: wood or canvas surfaces can both be used in this workshop, however, due to limited space at the studio please make sure each piece is no larger than 12”X12” as the paintings will need to sit for 2 or 3 days in order to dry thoroughly.  If wanting art larger than 8”X8” I would recommend using the wood panels because canvases tend to sag when holding larger pours.  Wood letters or unfinished picture frames available at Michaels as your painting surface.  The Dollar Store also carries small wood panels at a reasonable price.

Please gesso (white primer) your wood before workshop. You will need 2 coats. Canvases are already pre-treated.

10 of 8 oz. Clear plastic disposable drinking cups.

Approx 2 dozen Push pins like used in a cork board

Paper towel roll

2 garbage bags to catch drips

Palette knives - 1 large; 1 small

Masking tape

Small kitchen scale (can share at studio if you don't own one)