Monday, July 9 - Friday, July 13. Outside Your Comfort Zone 2. Mixed Media Abstract Workshop w. Danielle Bartlette. 9:30-3:30


5 full days. Supplies not included.

Outside Your Comfort Zone 2 is an abstract mixed media workshop hosted by Danielle Bartlette

This workshop is tailor-made for those who enjoy creating abstract art and would like to get some fresh ideas going forward in their practice. Over 5 days, there will be several themed exercises to promote creative thinking. There will be sharing of ideas, discussion, playful experimenting, learning of products (which ones are the most effective). Participants will transform their learning into successful art pieces.

1) Nature. textures and colors (inspired by rocks from Haida Gwaii)
2) Portrait. pair up (abstract)

3) Reinterpretation. Another artist's work

4) Still Life. collage with silver

5) Self expression (free time with guidance)

Individualism. Let's get inspired to create. Beginners and pros are welcome..in fact, the mixture of the two is greatly encouraged.



Materials to bring:


Acrylic paints (assortment of):

Red, Magenta, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, White, Black, Silver

*optional gold and/or bronze


Modeling Paste (approx. 8oz)

5 Canvases (minimum) 24x30 (number of canvases depend on the individual)

FW or Golden Inks (several)

Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish

Newsprint or Drawing Pad

Assortment of brushes

Painting knife (any size)

Black Charcoal stick

Colour chalk pastels (cheap set)

Spray bottle for water (adjustable nozzle)

Roll paper towel

Mixing palette


*optional Gold Leaf pack of 25 (loose full sheets)

*optional A few paper items for collage

Access to a printer to print off a few images during the week


*feel free to bring in anything from home that you think you might use .ie: tissue paper, newsprint, glitter, acrylic markers..

Please dress appropriately for mess-making. No refunds for missed classes.


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Additional Info

'Calgary-based artist, Danielle Bartlette, is a Canadian painter whose work is based in focusing on personal memories. Her canvases include compositional elements and text which are derived from environments and fragments of culture, personal stories and architecture, photography, and nature. Danielle teaches engaging courses, helping students establish creative processes and tap into fluid and intuitive mark-making while incorporating and using traditional painting and drawing materials, photography, and found objects.'

Please contact Danielle Bartlette for any additional information: danielle.bartlette@gmail.com
Owner: Neon Milkshake Art Studio in Calgary, Canada https://neonmilkshake.com/more-stuff/#/page-cv/