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Shawn Elizabeth Webster

June 15-24

The ‘heart’ of Shawn Elizabeth Webster

I have always loved being creative, taking photos, and the world of art. After teaching children for 35 years and encouraging them to draw and create it was now my turn.

In 2016, a good friend encouraged me to try acrylic paints. She assured me that I would love it. She was right! After a weekend spent in her studio I was excited to continue exploring with acrylics.

My dear Rachelle, encouraged me to paint a sunflower...I can still remember how vulnerable I felt.. paint to canvas...Painting and I had very little experience.

So I have continued to sketch, and observe nature and turn my drawings and photos into paintings......Art from my heart. Trying to capture a feeling.

After many YouTube tutorials, a couple of classes and lots of time playing with paint here are my creations.

With the inspiration of nature and using positive energy I continue to create art from my heart.

Shawn Elizabeth Webster