Sharon L. Wagner

June 15 - 24


Although I have always been creative, I only became an artist about eighteen years ago.  I started with oil but became allergic.  Approximately the last seven years I have been working with acrylic and texture.  Some watercolor, pen & ink and pastel have slipped into some of my artwork too.


I consider myself a self-taught artist.  Studying books, taking a few workshops, experimentation and discovery have primarily been my education.  The more art I create, the more I learn…then I want to create more art!


My artwork leans to the abstract genre.  I enjoy the challenge of shape, color and line interaction and how it all relates in the composition.


I teach “Artistic Creative Expression” to School age children.  I created my own program for this.  Through paper, paint, pencil, mixed media and recyclable material students learn to grow with art.  They also create with food.  

I also teach creative collages and meaningful mandalas for all ages.


My artwork is my life.  Creating art and appreciating art is necessary for healthy living.