Marie Manon corbeil

June 15 - 24


Born in Montreal, Marie Manon moved to Calgary in 2010.   Developing her art became a priority in Calgary, taking classes, developing her techniques and participating in art shows.  Since leaving her full time employment she has been living the professional and personal life of an artist, blessed or cursed with a need to express her emotions with the constant need to paint her with a non-stop flow of energy.

You can recognize her artworks either for the colorful abstract paintings or by her sensitive and delicate contemporary artworks.  You can describe her unique style as expressionism of nature and abstract movement paintings.

Marie Manon also collaborates with interior decorators to stage show homes in Calgary.  It is very exciting for her to create artworks from elements of décor provided by decorators. She participated in approximately 25 solo and group exhibitions since 2015.  For her, connecting with her audience on a one-on-one basis is an important part of her artistic satisfaction.

She is always looking for new challenges and adventures!