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kim-diane berthelet

June 15 - 24


Artist Statement -  Art has mesmerized me ever since I was old enough to pick up a crayon. Capturing people's essence in graphite portraiture was my first love and now I find myself creating colorful landscapes in acrylic, alone or including people and/or man made structures. 


Artist Bio- Kim-Diane Berthelet's focus is the feelings she hopes to portray from her subjects. Graphite and acrylics are her favorite mediums. She took credited art courses through Grande Prairie College as well as countless workshops from well known artists since 1986. Her work has found homes across Canada. In 2010, after a hiatus from commissions do due a move and new career,  she could not resist the call to return to her base roots. She dived back into art and sharpened up her skills by taking workshops and weekly classes with Calgary artists Anna Ostberg, also periodically with Nancy Lynne Hughes. She delights in designing the composition of her before applying the graphite tones, or riotous colors that breath life into her paintings. 

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