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Jim Marvill

June 15 - 24

BIO: Jim Marvill

Born in the UK, Jim is a graduate of Hornsey Art College followed by a a long career as a graphic designer both in London, England and the Calgary advertising communities respectively. He has also maintained his presence as a Calgary artist through commissioned works, private collections, and gallery exhibitions, (earning the designation of Juried Member of the Leighton Art Centre), a successful show at the Calgary Stampede Western Art Gallery, as well as numerous private sales.
Today, retirement suits his passion for art, golf and travel. 

Artist Statement

Art, for me, is an expression of my mood. It is a composition of elements that allows me to channel my energy into a visual form. 

In my landscape and Canadiana work I endeavour to capture the dramatic character of the Prairies and the lone presence of vanishing iconic homesteads. 

By contrast, I also enjoy the free form of abstract — expressing my passion for colour, form, mass and movement.


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