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Neon Milkshake Summer Savings

Neon Milkshake Summer Savings can be purchased in form of gift-card or email-notification of credit with updated reports of usage. This offer runs until 11:59pm Sunday, August 19th, 2018.

It's the time to save at the studio! Neon Milkshake Summer Savings can be used towards any Neon Milkshake art class or workshop hosted at the studio. Offer excludes: Wine & Art Events, Private Functions, purchase of art work, or fees for artist events, ie: Splash Art Market entry fee.

Summer Savings credit/gift cards do not expire and records of the cards are kept on file so you can use as you go!

Choose from:

42.00 for 50.00

80.00 for 100.00

200.00 for 250.00

380.00 for 500.00

740.00 for 1000.00

1390.00 for 2000.00

Gst will be pre-paid so it will not be added again (ie: $380 for $500 credit will be $399 for $525 credit after gst is included)

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Save money and bank it for when you need it or give as a gift

Summer Savings in gift cards format can be issued via email, mailed or picked up at the studio). Savings Gift Cards do not need to be used all at once and cannot be traded in for cash. To register for programs using Summer Saving Gift Cards, please call , visit us at the studio, or email us @ and tell us which class/ workshop you'd like to attend. Similar to our regular class and workshop policies, there are no refunds for missed classes, so once you're booked in, you're in :)

Summer Savings cannot be used with another promo or sale offer at the same time. The person whose name in the gift card is the only person who can use the gift card.

Large sum giftcards are perfect for people who take weekly classes on a month-to-month or year-to-year basis, or perhaps week-long workshops in the summer. Any amount is great for gift giving.