Elaine Fosse

June 1 - 10


Elaine Foss





Being quite new to the art scene, Elaine Foss is what might be considered a building wave. Although not legally blind, Elaine is a visually impaired artist and quite coincidentally, began her art journey shortly after being diagnosed with numerous sight related conditions. Elaine discovered her enjoyment of painting after attending a local "paint and sip" event. Painting has helped Elaine relax, while also becoming an important therapy as she deals with her ever changing eyesight. Elaine has become a bit of a success. She has sold her work locally, nationally and internationally. Elaine is thoroughly enjoying her self-taught journey and looks forward to being able to express herself for as long as she is able.



Discovering art/painting is one of the most satisfying things that I have ever encountered. I began painting replicas my own photographs as best I could, but, I soon found that the eye strain was too much for the detail required. I do enjoy abstract work, yet, finger painting has become my passion. It allows for more freedom and expression. I almost always work in acrylics, but I've also explored wax and clay. I don't really know where this adventure will take me, nor how long it will last. I'm riding the wave for as long as I can.