Vania Burton

June 1 - 10

Attracted to both colour and texture I began my artistic journey in the fibre arts through knitting, and quilting then progressed to watercolour and acrylic painting.    

I learned to paint with watercolour where the combination of colour selections and the paint’s tendency to move and flow created amazing images.  Studies in acrylic paint enabled me to gain additional control over compositions and to add an element of texture to my work.  In these years, I took classes and workshops in composition, colour theory, painting techniques and advanced quilting.

Fall 2012 – 4 session  class at Bee Kingdom

After years of dabbling in fibre arts and watercolour painting, and, as a lifelong lover of glass, I took this class hoping this would be the beginning of a new direction and new media.  It turned out to be both but not in the way I expected.


August 2013 – Day Workshop with Infused Glass Studio – Eco Platter, Beginning Fused Glass

The heavens opened up as I discovered fused glass.  It became obvious to me that this would be the way I could create works of art in glass.


November 2013 – Muk Luk Magpie – 2 day Beginner’s Fused Glass Class

I learned the basic, technical side of cutting and fusing glass with information on types of glass and basic design techniques. 


January 2014 – Purchase of a 14” kiln

Let the games begin!  By committing to this purchase I dove right in to experimenting, perfecting and discovering new ways to work with glass.  Sometimes through trial and error, sometimes with help of youtube and sometimes simply not knowing it couldn’t be done,  I began to design plates and platters.  I quickly moved on to creating wall pieces and sculptural pieces.  


2014 and 2015– Workshops at Passion for Glass, Calgary, Alberta

Coldworking with Jamie Grey

Alchemy Glass with Leslie Rowe-Israelson


 December 2015 – Oatka Glass School, Batavia, New York

Weeklong study of “Working Deep”


Shows and classes:

December 2017 – Piece Chosen for Southern Alberta Myeloma Patient Society Benefactor 

November – Springbank Creative Arts Group Show

October 2017 – Elbow Room Fine Art Show

October 2017 – Beacon Fine Original Art

July 2017 – Calgary Stampede Makers’ Market 

April 2017 – Glass Conference Las Vegas – Working on Edge

April 2017 – Beacon Fine Original Art

April 2017 – Springbank Creative Arts Show

March 2017 – Bullseye Resource Center – Working without Fear, Oakland, California

December 2016 – Glass piece chosen for Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta

November 2016 – Springbank Creative Arts Show

October 2016 – Art in Harmony Art Show

October 2016 – Beacon Fine Original Art

July 2016 – Radium Rocky Mountain Glass Show  

April 2016 – Springbank Creative Arts Show

April 2016 – Beacon Fine Original Art

April 2016 – Calyx  Fine Art

December 2015 -  Oatka Glass School  (Batavia, NY)

November 2015 -  2 week scholarship at Scuola Mosaicisti Friuli in  Spilimbergo, Friuli, Italy

October 2015 – Beacon Fine Original Art

October 2015 – Calyx Fine Art Show

July 2015 – Rocky Mountain Landscapes at Radium Hot Springs Pool

April 2015 – Beacon Fine Original Art